Emblazon 2016 Grooming Workshop

Mr. Junaid Majid Seikh, Manager Training, The Park, conducted the session 'Table Etiquette and Manners'

Seating Etiquette, Napkin Etiquette, Food Service Etiquette, The Table Setting, When to Start Eating Handling Utensils, Passing the Food, Resting Utensils etc were covered and demonstrated in the session.

Consultant dietician, HOD Clinical Dietetics, KPC Roy Medical College, Dr Ranjini Datta conducted the session 'Health and Hygiene'

She discussed about Oral hygiene, Basic Diet Plan, Diet Calculator, Why basic workout is necessary for all!, General health and fitness.

Super Model Ms. Runa Laha conducted the clossing session, Introduction to Modelling and Acting.

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