Emblazon 2016 Grooming Workshop
Registration- Ebmblazon 2016, The Park Hotel
CEO, Apratim Ghoshal, addressing the participants at Emblazon 16, Grooming Worshop at Park Hotel, Kolkata. Organised by

Renowned Jouralist Mr. Sujoy Dhar conducting the session 'Art of Communication'.

He spoke about Articulation, Tips for Body Language, Voice Tone and Inflection, How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Conversation Fillers, Put Away the Distractions, Tailor Your Message to Your Audience, Be Brief Yet Specific.

Eminent Clinical Psychologist Dr. (Ms.) Anuttama Banerjee took the session 'Analysis of Individual Deficiencies'.

She disussed about Stress Management and Overcoming performance Anxiety, Time management, personality development, peer pressure.
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